Futurewise Savings Fund

Education costs in South Africa are soaring, putting education beyond the reach of many. That is why Futurewise has partnered with Nedbank CIB to offer a convenient and low-cost option to save for your child's education and help them achieve their dreams.

We're all about flexible options - you decide how much to contribute each month. We also understand that life happens, so Futurewise allows you to withdraw from your savings fund once a year.

In creating a gateway to prosperity, our philosophy is to preserve your savings whilst making sure that your money grows to keep up with the rising costs of education. Through our partnership with Nedbank CIB, your savings will be invested directly into low risk assets. These assets provide you the ability to withdraw your funds if you urgently need to pay for your child’s education expenses.

Manage your Savings Fund online via self-service. Your Savings Balance is updated to reflect returns earned at the beginning of each month.


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